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Tefft is not a Racist

Tefft is not a racist, she just doesn't like African Americans. Or any other race that doesn't sunburn.

Tefft is the Director of Desktop and Network Services. Both Gladstone and McKinney report to her. Gladstone is African American. Before Gladstone, there was not much diversity in Tefft's department.

"There is plenty of diversity in my department," she claimed. "I hired Danny Black and Jeff Browning."

That may be, but both Black and Browning are white guys.

She did, however, hire Gladstone, although she did not know he was black when she hired him. She confused him with another candidate she interviewed whose last name was Lewis. So while she hired the black guy, she thought she was hiring the white guy. The day he reported for duty, she pissed her pants. She tried to unhire him, but HR told her that her reason for unhiring him was illegal.  

Once Gladstone got settled, he started hiring more African Americans. Tefft complained and HR called him in for a discussion. Triplet, the VP of HR, is a waif with big tits and an angry smile. Both Tefft and Triplet sat across from Gladstone as the inquisition began.

"Let me get this straight," Gladstone said. "I can't hire African Americans because I'm African American."

"That's right," Triplet responded.

"I can only hire African Americans if I'm not African American."


If you're black, you can't hire another black person because it looks like preferential hiring based on skin color. A black person hiring a white person is okay; and a white person hiring a black person is okay, although nobody at this company is hiring black employees except Gladstone, who has now been told to stop because it appears to be preferential hiring. A white person hiring a white person is okay, because Caucasians are not minorities, and therefore it can't be preferential hiring; although it could be discrimination because a minority wasn't hired. But HR doesn't seem to be concerned about discrimination against minorities, just preferential hiring for minorities.

"What if I turn white?" Gladstone asked. "Then could I hire African Americans?"

Tefft squinted her eyes as she scrutinized Gladstone. She looked over at Triplet with a suspicious look on her face.

"Could that happen?" 

Gladstone left HR with the understanding that he would not hire anymore African Americans. He would however, hire the hot Latina woman he interviewed the day before. That would drive Tefft just as crazy and it would not be preferential hiring based on skin color.

Reader Comments (1)

I have become a real fan of your blog. I don't have much to say other than that this is very funny stuff. Carry on.

November 30, 2008 | Unregistered Commentersweet_ironing

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