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There are those who believe Pangbourn is paranoid. For example, just today he asked his assistant to go to the parking lot and check his car for a bomb. I do not believe Pangbourn is paranoid because he is a widely hated man. Regardless, Teri was upset by this incident because, paranoid or not, if Pangbourn believes there is a bomb under his car, he should not send his assistant to check. I, of course, disagreed and said that if an assistant isn't willing to go the extra mile for her boss, she should go wait tables at a restaurant. This redefines "extra mile" for Teri, and I'm sure will only result in even better performance. And although she'll be performing even better than before, I'll lead her to believe she's performing worse. That too will bring better performance and a desire to never leave her crappy job. I consider her performance already perfect, so this will be interesting.

Pangbourn is the Senior VP of Marketing and always believes someone is trying to get him. Most believe nobody is trying to get him, while I believe everyone is trying to get him. He treats people like shit and is a complete idiot on top of it. He's a racist and a sexist and a homophobe. I believe he will die very soon. He does not believe he will die very soon, but does believe someone will try to make him die very soon. He believes he is too smart to get killed, but I believe he is too stupid to stay alive. 

Pangbourn's assistant came back from the parking lot with a flashlight and a scuffed up blouse. She gave him the "all clear" thumbs up. He drove off in the car feeling secure. This is why Pangbourn is going to die very soon. Everyone hates him but his assistant hates him the most.

Time to go home for the weekend. I hate Fridays...


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Love this story.

November 30, 2008 | Unregistered Commentersweet_ironing

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