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I was all prepared today to come up with an excuse not to have drinks with Tabbatha tonight. In fact, I came up with a whole list to choose from: 

  • Sick grandmother (oldie but a goody)
  • Smithee, my imaginary boss, is making me work late
  • I was bitten by a bat and need to go get a rabies shot
  • I have to go home because I forgot to set my DVR to record People's Choice Awards
  • I have AIDS
  • Zombie Apocalypse

But when she walked into my office this morning, she didn't look like sweet Tabbatha. She looked like sexy slutty office worker who wants to be treated like a farm animal. 

Usually, she wears conservative business attire. You know, the button down white shirt with only the top button undone; slacks or maybe a long skirt; medium heels. 

But today, she had on a top that revealed cleavage--cleavage I didn't even know she had. She's got some sort of Victoria's Secret push-up/padded, here's-my-tennis-ball-tits-in-your-face kind of bra on under that tight black and white top. She was also wearing a black skirt above the knees with a pair of spiked heels that I could only imagine digging into my back while I nail the fuck out of her. 

"Still on for tonight?" she asked. 

"Definitely," I said without one millisecond of hesitation. 

That whole list of excuses was suddenly torched and discarded, and the don't-fuck-your-employee policy was immediately amended to be the fuck-the-living-shit-out-of-your-employee policy. 

She left my office and I just sat there trying to figure out what just happened. Regardless, looks like I'm having drinks with sweet, possibly slutty, Tabbatha tonight. But I'm sure nothing will happen... 

Reader Comments (3)

Hi JasonX,
it looks like Tabbatha will get lucky tonight lol.

I've been reading your blog over christmas, in snowy England, and I was so hooked that I read it all lol. I'm really inspired to follow your example and have a lot of sex in this life. I would have liked to meet you just because I have enjoyed your stories so much. Don't stop writing please, its great!

There is one thing that I'm very curious to understand because I cannot imagine how it works. Tree sex. Is it on a tree trunk? How do you balance? lol. Please explain it to me so that I could try it one day, thanks lol
from your fan in England.

January 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTamaraX

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