• Jason X

Back in the Saddle

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

I met Valentina during New Employee Orientation.

After I divorced and left entertainment, I ran around Hollywood with a small drug crew for a while until I decided, or rather my bank account decided, it was time to get back to work. That's when I entered the banking and mortgage industry.

For me, it was a strange industry in a strange land: Pasadena, California. And although it was only 5 miles from Burbank, it was an odd and disorienting place. And while the mortgage industry was thriving at the time, it would only last 5 years before it crashed and burned with me buried under its embers. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Sitting in orientation bored and anxious, I noticed a very attractive woman sitting a couple tables to my right. I noticed her for two reasons:

1) She seemed to be a very happy person. She appeared innocently flirtatious with her table mates, joking and enjoying every moment of this orientation, which was killing my own will to live.

2) She had a beautiful Roman nose. She was pretty for sure, but a sensibly prominent nose on a woman is irresistible to me.

These two personal features distracted my vision from yet another prominent feature she possessed: very large breasts.

The fact that I did not noticeably notice her breasts made her very notably notice me. And these were no ordinary large breasts; these were double Fs. So when a man does not notice your double Fs, you tend to notice that man and wonder what the fuck is up.

When I looked at her or spoke to her, my eyes met her eyes and ignored what, in her experience, most men glared upon constantly and blissfully without shame. And how did I do this? Honestly, I didn't realize she even had breasts until she stood up. Maybe it was what she was wearing, the angle, or whatever, but when she got up for a quick bathroom break and I saw her profile, I audibly gasped.

Regardless, I was still mainly attracted to her sunny, carefree demeanor. Because that was the opposite of Blair.

Valentina was also Latina minus the psychosis. I was tired of the insanity and had high hopes for a more simplistic, easy-going lifestyle.

The company operated out of two buildings a couple of miles apart; I was in one and she was in the other. Nothing wrong with a little distance. But when I said good-bye to her at orientation, I left it at that--showing no real interest. While I didn't need to use the same tactics on Valentina that I had used on Blair, it was always best not to seem too anxious. I had her name, so I could find her in the directory. After about a week, I'd contact her and see how her first week was going. Maybe go to lunch. After all, we were New Employee Orientation buddies.

After a week, I sent her an email. I didn't hear back from her for a month.

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